New interdisciplinary research seminar series on Religion at ToRS – University of Copenhagen

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New interdisciplinary research seminar series on Religion at ToRS

Please join us in a new series of research seminars on Religion at ToRS in the autumn of 2017. The seminars are open to researchers whose work in some way focuses on religion or religious actors.

The seminar series will primarily be a forum for constructive responses and discussions regarding works in progress. Presenters will circulate a text they are working on before each seminar. Respondents will be assigned to comment on the circulated text, and a generous amount of time will be left for other participants to contribute. 

To start with, we have planned for two seminars of 90 minutes length during the autumn semester of 2017 and again in the spring semester of 2018.

Those interested in participating as paper-givers are welcome to write to the organisers: Simon Stjernholm (, Astrid Krabbe Trolle ( and Andreas Bandak ( 

The first seminars will take place on the following dates:

Friday October 6: 14:30 – 16:00 in room 10.4.05:
Birgitte Schepelern Johansen: Secular Bodies, Affects and Emotions

Monday November 6: 14:30 – 16:00 in room 10.4.05
Elizabeth Lane Williams Ørberg: Buddhism, Youth and Economics

If you want to attend, please write to Astrid Krabbe Trolle ( The text is circulated about a week before the seminar.