The Ethnography of Connections – University of Copenhagen

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The Ethnography of Connections

The workshop critically addresses a number of questions related to fieldwork methodologies in an increasingly interconnected world. Consider the following: the past decade or so, the social media technologies have dramatically changed modes of production, consumption and circulation of information as well as modes of interaction and self-presentation The inter-personal interaction now often includes engagement via social media too. The fieldwork now often ‘spills over’ physical settings into the digital sphere, and in this context, the subject position and relation of the fieldworker and the informant is more blurred than ever. As scholarly attention increasingly shifts to themes of commodification, supply chains, capital investments, extractive economies, labour movement and global policy regimes of a variety, fieldwork requires following networks that sometimes connect unlikely places and actors together. This one-day workshop will rethink theory and methods required to study connections.

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Organizer: Associate Professor Ravinder Kauer