PhD seminar: Thesis seminar – University of Copenhagen

PhD seminar: Thesis seminar

In the spring semester of 2017 will two seminars focused on thesis writing be arranged. The first seminar will take place on Friday 24 March (10am-3pm). The main part of the seminar will constituted by the discussion of the papers in smaller groups and it will end with a general discussion.

The texts should be short and focus on general matters such as the formulation of the basic research questions, the basic argument in the thesis, the choice of material, or a sketch of the analytical framework.

In order to get an overview of the number of participants and how to structure the discussions, there is a preliminary date for signing up: Friday 24 February. The papers for the seminar (maximum 5 pages) should be circulated among the participants a week before the seminar.

The second seminar will take place in late May or early June; the date and the exact theme will be decided on during the seminar 24 March. But it is absolutely possible to join this one without attending the first.

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