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September 2017 Upcoming project meeting in Poland....

July 2017

Book release on Axiological Memory and Weltanschauung:

Nicolae Râmbu and Eugenia Zaiţev (eds.) 2017. Memorie axiologică şi Weltanschauung (Axiological Memory and Weltanschauung), Editura Universităţii „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Iaşi, Romania. ISBN: 978-606-714-373-7


JPI HeAT workshop Iasi, Romania 5.4.-9.4.2017

A Heat-Project workshop took place at the Alexandru -Ioan -Cuza -University in Iasi/Romania between April 5th and 9th, 2017. The project participants discussed the various aspects of the project, presented their case studies, and worked intensively on the structure of the Typology of Threat. In addition to the work on the Typology the participants also visited the Univeristy Museum with their impressive collection of Cucuteni-culture pottery (, the Culture Palace and the UNESCO World Heritage sites "Churches of Moldavia" north of Iasi (

HeAT 2017 in Iasi: Discussing theory and practice of threats (Kinzel)

HeAT 2017 in Iasi: Discussing theory and practice of threats (Kinzel)

HeAT 2017 Excursion to UNESCO World Heritage site of Monastry Humor (Kinzel)

HeAT 2017: View over Iasi (Kinzel)

JPI Parade Bruessels February 2017

JPI Parade 2017 at the Royal Institute for Heritage Conservation, Bruessels (Kinzel)

JPI Parade 2017 Project-Cluster Summaries (Kinzel)

JPI Parade 2017 Cluster C Session: HeAT Project Discussion (Kinzel)

HeAT Project meeting in Bologna, October 2016

HeAT-project team debating in Bologna 2016 (Kinzel)

October 2016: A Heat-Project workshop took place at the University of Bologna/Italy between October 27th and 29th, 2016. For two days the project participants from Denmark, Italy, Poland, and Romania discussed the various aspects of the project, shared their expiernces and shaped a "model" to analyse Threats to Heritage.

7. November to 5. December 2016 PHOTOEXHIBITION: EYES ON SYRIA

 at Nørrebro Bibliotek/Copenhagen

The exhibition presents 20 images from Syria in 1961 taken by three Danish Photographers. The images give a glimpse into Syria's rich cultural heritage and tradition from times which seem so far away. These images speak and supporting the current debate of changing perceptions of heritage.