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Carstens, Kinzel, Nielsen and Schmidt (eds.) 2016. Eyes on Syria . Copenhagen: forlaget orbis. A publication of photographs from Syria back in 1961 taken by three Danes travelling through Syria on the way to join the team of the Scandinavian Joint Expedition to Nubia. Together with the book a travelling exhibition showing some of the images is running (for further information see:

Kinzel 2015. Von der Zerstörung von Kulturerbe - der Versuch einer Annährung  Moritz Kinzel's contribution to the Newsletter of AIV Berlin on the Destruction of Heritage and related aspects.

Rambu 2015. Two Axiological Illnesses. In: Journal of Human Values 21(1) 64–71; DOI: 10.1177/0971685815580669 

Râmbu 2016. The Axiology of Friedrich Nietzsche.  Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lange. 2016.  Nicolae Rambu's recent work on Nietzsches Excourse on "destruction as a value" and the danger of ideology.

Rambu 2016  Illusioni della civiltà nel Tramonto dell’Occidente di Oswald Spengler, in: Metropoli. Estetica, arte, leteratura. Saggi in memoria di Francesco Iengo, a cura di Antonella Del Gatto & Ugo di Toro, Ombre Corte Edizioni, Verona, Italia, 2016, pp. 107-115.

Râmbu 2017. The Axiological Memory of Max Weber. In: Journal of Human Values 23(3) 193-199. SAGE.

Râmbu and Zaiţev (eds.) 2017. Memorie axiologică şi Weltanschauung (Axiological Memory and Weltanschauung), Editura Universităţii „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Iaşi, Romania. ISBN: 978-606-714-373-7; Link:

Karczewska & Karczewski 2015. Pro patria. Miejsca pamięci I Wojny Światowej na przedpolu Twierdzy Osowiec. Białystok: OBEŚW, 2015. ISBN 978-83-942895-0-8