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Andreas Bandak

Andreas Bandak

Assistant professor

My research focuses on Christianity as a lived religion. I have been particularly interested in Christianity in settings where it has not been the majority religion, but where it has had to occupy a different and less dominant position. I have studied figures of sainthood and the diverse relationships people hold towards religious authorities, and the interplay between orthodox and popular religion. Specialised in anthropological studies of Christianity, I have focused on the way religious practices have been working in an otherwise overtly secular Syrian state. Related to this focus on Christianity I have most recently studied the new situation for Christians and Christianity in the Levant in light of the Syrian civil war and refugee crisis, where I have worked on how prayer has been taken up as a way of coping or addressing the changed landscape of the Middle East.

My work has been funded by grants from The Danish Council for Independent Research in the Humanities | Culture and Communication and from The Velux Foundation.

Keywords: Christianity, Sainthood, Minority relations, Secularism, Prayer, Power of Example, Qualitative Analysis, Escalations

Member of the Young Academy under the Danish Royal Academy of Science and Letters

ID: 1229408