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Birgitte Stampe Holst

Birgitte Stampe Holst

PhD Student

My ph.d. project “Becoming a Syrian Refugee: Political Subjectivities in the Context of Radical Political Change” is an ethnographic exploration of what it means to be a Syrian refugee living in the region of origin. I look at the strategies and perceptions Syrian families, living in cities in Turkey and Lebanon, develop in relation to the violence, insecurities and uncertainties which have arisen from the Syrian conflict and the ensuing flow of refugees to neighbouring countries. Through this exploration I investigate the political subjectivities and social categories developed by Syrians in relation to ideas about political borders, citizenship, ethnicity and sect.

The project relates to research on processes of post-authoritarian change and to refugee and migration studies. Analytically I am interested in understanding, how political structures, borders and authorities take shape and are challenged through social processes and how political change is negotiated in practice.

ID: 32925042