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Tobias Richter

Tobias Richter

Associate Professor

My research interests revolve around hunter-gatherers, early (Neolithic) farmers, lithic technology, landscape and climate change. I am particularly interested in the transition from the Epipalaeolithic to the early Neolithic in southwest Asia, where most of my research and fieldwork has taken place. Additional research interests include site formation processes, archaeology and politics, as well as heritage and politics, and concepts of social learning and, more broadly, archaeological theory.

I currently direct The Late Epipalaeolithic and early Neolithic Occupation of the Black Desert (Jordan) project, which is funded by a DFF Sapere Aude Forskningsleder Grant from 2014-2017. This project investigates a number of key late Epipalaeolithic and early Neolithic sites in north-eastern Jordan's Badya region (

This project leads from a previous study The Younger Dryas and the Origins of Agriculture project, which was funded through an FKK Post-Doctoral grant.

At ToRS I teach courses related to lithic technology and the transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture in southwest Asia.

Primary fields of research

- Final Pleistocene Hunter-Gatherers and early Farmers in western Asia

- Lithic Technology

- Landscape Archaeology

- Social Anthropology of Technology

- History & Politics of Archaeology

ID: 22888248