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Martin Demant Frederiksen

Martin Demant Frederiksen

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I have conducted ethnographic fieldworks in the Republic of Georgia since 2005 and in Bulgaria since 2015, working on a range of different themes such as youth, crime and subculture; urban reconstruction, decay and temporality;  and corruption, reform-processes and revolutionary change.

My current research primarily concerns the role of pointlessness in social life, particularly in relation to experienced lack of meaning and the existence and consequences of nothingness in social and political contexts. Empirically I focus on declared nihilists, atheists and conceptual artists in the Republic of Georgia and I am currently writing on a monograph based on longterm fieldwork among these groups. The project is supported by the Danish Council for Independent Research (Humanities) and the Sapere Aude programme:

Aside from this I am presently working on different book projects, among these a co-authored monograph on the social and political afterlives of the Rose Revolution in Georgia (with Katrine Gotfredsen, University of Malmö) 

My teaching mainly focuses on qualitative methods, which includes a cooperation with the Odin Theatre, local NGOs in Copenhagen, and colleagues from the Centre for Comparative Cultural Studies at ToRS.

Besides research and teaching, I am co-founder and co-editor of the independent art zine "A...Issue" ( and serve as an observer at the Fair Trees Foundation where I provide recommendations and evaluations of regional development projects in Georgia's Racha Province. 

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