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Adday Hernandez-Lopez

Adday Hernandez-Lopez


Member of:

    Currently she is a postdoctoral researcher in the ERC project “Islam in the Horn of Africa Project: A Comparative Literary Approach” at the University of Copenhagen (2015-2018).
    Degree in Arabic Philology at the Complutense University. Special Degree Award and Third Spanish National Award for the Excellence in the University Academic Performance (2008).
    After enjoying a Professorship training grant at the Institute of Languages and Cultures of the Mediterranean and the Middle East, CCHS-CSIC (2009-2013), she got an European doctorate (cum laude) in Arabic and Andalusi Studies with a thesis on the RIBA through legal sources of the Islamic West directed by Maribel Fierro (CSIC) and Juan Martos (UCM).
    During her PhD, she collaborated with the ERC project “Knowledge Heresy and Political Culture in the Islamic West”. She was a visiting scholar during three months in the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter (2011, under the supervision of Robert Gleave) and a visiting fellow during two months in the Centre for the Middle Eastern Studies, at Harvard University (2013, under the supervision of Baber Johansen).
    After having been trained in codicology, she was hired in the project “Manuscripts dated in al-Andalus”, CCHS-CSIC, (May 2014 - February 2015).

    ID: 130664478