Disputed Lands

Memory, Gender, Islam and Environment:
Dimensions of Indonesian Studies

Seminar with Monika Arnez, ERASMUS visiting professor.

Indonesia is rich in natural resources but at the same time conflicts arise over land rights, ownership and exploitation of resources. One recent development is that indigenous people have claimed land rights vis-à-vis the timber and palm oil industry.

In this lecture we discuss this problem, using case studies from different parts of Indonesia, where indigeneous people and companies struggle over land.

Monika Arnez is Professor (Junior professor) of Indonesian and Malay Studies at University of Hamburg, specializing in the study of Islam and Indonesian culture; gender; religion and environment; popular culture and literature. Among her publications are ‚Shifting Notions of Environmentalism in Indonesian Islam‘ in: Barbara Schuler (ed.) Environmental and Climate Change in South and Southeast Asia; How are local cultures coping? (Leiden, Brill: 2014), pp. 75-104; 'Empowering Women Through Islam. Fatayat NU between tradition and change.‘ Journal of Islamic Studies 21 (1) (2010): 59-88 and 'A Dialogue with God? Islam and lesbian relationships in two Post-Suharto narratives,' in: Susanne Schröter (ed), Gender and Islam in Southeast Asia. Women’s Rights Movements, Religious Resurgence and Local Traditions. (Leiden: Brill, 2013), pp. 73-94.

For questions and registration please contact Alexander Horstmann, room 10-4-13, fnt592@hum.ku.dk