Hâfez seminar and book exhibition

Thursday May 7 a Hâfez seminar and an book exhibition will take place at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen. The organizers are Persian studies, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies together with the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Denmark. All interested are welcome.

At the exhibition, the famous calligrapher Mohammad ‘Ali Ghorbani will be present (10.00- 13.00 7-8th. of May) and show his art. The audience may get a chance of trying their hand at the art of calligraphy. 


Opening of the book exhibition in the lobby of the Faculty Library at 10.00

Hâfez seminar (room 23.0.50): 11.00 o’clock

11.05: Professor Nasrin Faghih Malek Marzbân (Al-Zahra University, Tehran): “Irony in Hafez’s Sonnets”

11.25: Professor Bahâdor Bagheri (Kharazmi University in Teheran): “Various approaches to an explanation of Hâfez’ ghazals”

11.45: Questions and answers

12.05: Break (coffee, tea and biscuits are served)

12.30: MA in Persian Studies, The David's Collection, Sandra Paludan: "An introduction to the history of Persian book illustrations with a glance at Hâfez"

12.50: Associate Professor i Persian Studies, Claus Valling Pedersen: "A modern textual analysis of a 600-year-old Persian poem: Hâfez' ghazal "Agar ân tork-e shirâzi be dast ârad del-e mâ-râ..."

13.10: Questions and answers

13.30: Goodbye