The Long Ride Mission arrives at ToRS

How come breast cancer in Asian women has risen sharply during the past decades? Why do Asian women often fail to seek treatment until it is too late? What are the cultural impediments in relation to breast cancer?

These are questions that two Singapore based top breast surgeons have decided to explore cooperating among others with a team of cross-disciplinary researchers at ToRS, headed by Associate Professor MSK Cynthia Chou.

Presently, the two biker surgeons are on their way from the home of one in Singapore to the home of the other in Sweden, arriving in Copenhagen on the 10th of June. The grueling four month mission has taken the surgeons across 18 countries and a distance of more than 20.000 kilometers. En route, the two bikers have visited and given lectures in cancer centers and hospitals in multiple countries.

On Tuesday the 10th of June they will be arriving at ToRS after having ridden their bikes from Cynthia Chou’s home south of Copenhagen to KUA2, where their unusual arrival on a BMW and a Suzuki V-Strom will be celebrated in 23.0.50 at KUA2.

All colleagues and students at ToRS are invited to participate in the program:

  • Welcome by prodean Julie Sommerlund
  • Welcome by Ingolf Thuesen on behalf of ToRS
  • Presentation by the two doctors on their trip and the background for the project
  • Presentation by Cynthia Chou about the anthropological part of the project
  • Q & A from journalists and others

Should you know of any motorcycle riders or happen to be one yourself, they and you are cordially invited to join in the escort of Prof. Mikael Hartmann and Prof. Philip Iau on the short lap towards Copenhagen to KUA2 on 10 June in the morning.

Please contact Ditte Maria Søgaard at for more details if you have the time and the wheels to join the Long Ride Mission convoy on 10 June.

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