Greeks at home in the North?

On adaptation and nostalgia among Greek immigrants in Denmark

Sophia Scopetéa Symposium 2015

This symposium explores how Greeks in Denmark have experienced their meeting with a country that has often been idealized, as for instance in 2009 when the then Prime Minister George Papandreou declared that Greece should follow the Northern role model and become ’the Denmark of the South’. Also in Denmark have there been various representations of who the Greeks are, from the philhellenes cultivation of the Greeks’ classical heritage over the tourism industry’s promotion of Greeks’ authenticity and libido to contemporary representations of Greeks as lazy and irresponsible. The contribution of Greeks to Danish life and culture is less well known, and is an appropriate topic with which to honour the memory of Sophia Scopetéa (1947-2007), teacher of modern Greek at the University of Copenhagen, who devoted her life in Denmark to the study of Søren Kierkegaard.

Four presentations explore the meeting between Greeks and Denmark from various academic angles and historical periods, but all with a personal element. The academic discussion on issues regarding migration, integration and mutual prejudices will be enriched with Greek musical performances and concludes with a reception where Greek food and wine will be served.

NB! Part of the program will be in Danish.

All are welcome - no registration needed.



Velkommen v/ Trine Stauning Willert      


Christos Farmakis (1981-). Sterna, for cello solo (2015). Josefine Opsahl, cello. Skrevet til Josefine Opsahl med støtte fra Statens Kunstfond.


Rolf Hesse, Statsaut. translatør og tidl ekstern lektor, KU og Lund:
Græsk og grækere i Danmark fra 1631 til i går. Opsporet og oplevet.


Anastasia Christou, Associate Professor, Middlesex University:
Understanding the (pre-crisis) Greek-Danish experience: Where is ‘Home’?


Musikalsk intermezzo (Derti band)


Panagiotis Bakatselos, Social anthropologist:
How to be or not to be Greek in Denmark: Integration and differentiation


Nanna Apergis, journalist:
Nordens Grækenland: Græsk fællesskab og musik i Danmark




Musikalsk afslutning (Elisabeth Ioannidis)




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