This workshop aims to study the intense commemoration activities which have been catalysed across Europe by the First World War centenary. These accelerated memory practices and virtual “eruptions” of memory highlight the fact that the war is remembered very differently across Europe. Through a series of paper presentations, we will study and compare the characteristic elements of such newly erupting war memories across Europe, paying particular attention to the types of memory narratives created, who creates them, and through which types of media.


9-9.30: arrival, coffee and tea

9.30: Tea Sindbæk Andersen (Univ. of Copenhagen): welcome, introduction, purpose of the workshop

9.45-10.45: Olga Manojlović Pintar (Institute for Newer History, Belgrade): Shells, Snow and Lice. Allegoric Representations of WWI in Serbian Historical Narratives

11-12: Ivan Ilchev (Sofia University): Remembering and Forgetting. The Trauma of the Bulgarian Defeat in WWI in Bulgarian Collective Memory

12-13: Lunch break 13-14: Anna Bazhenova (Institute of East-Central Europe, Lublin): Representations of the First World War in the Politics of Memory in Russia and Ukraine

14.15-15.15: Christine Moliner (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris): French Sikhs’ commemorative practices and discourses about the First World War

15.45-16.45: Ismar Dedović (Univ. of Copenhagen): Remembering the Great War in independent Montenegro

The workshop is open to anyone interested.

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