New First World Ward Memories -'Tectonics of Memory' in Europe – University of Copenhagen

New First World Ward Memories -'Tectonics of Memory' in Europe

The aim of this workshop is to study the establishment of new memories of the First World War in Europe in connection to the First World War centenary.

The workshop seeks to investigate both traditions and new dynamics of First World War remembering. We wish to investigate and discuss the character, movements and collisions of Europe’s grand memorial narratives, or what we may think of as central plates of memory, as well as the memorial shatter zones of for example East and Southeast Europe.


December 12, Pufendorfs stora sal
(Biskopsgatan 3, 22100 Lund)

10.00: Eleonora Narvselius (Lund University):

10.15: Tea Sindbæk Andersen (University of Copenhagen):
Eruptions of memory in memorial shatter zones – towards a "Tectonics of Memory"?

11.00: Coffee

11.15: Sara Dybris McQuaid (University of Aarhus):
The 1916 Easter Rising and the End of Empire: transnational templates of Irish and Indian freedom struggles

12.00: Oksana Dudko (Center for Urban History of East Central Europe, Lviv):
The Battle of Makivka 1915: National Identity, Popular Memory and Contested War Narratives in Contemporary Ukraine

12.45: Lunch

13.45: Mariëlle Wijermars (University of Amsterdam):
Nostalgia, Geopolitics and Russia’s New Imperial Memory of the First World War

14.30: Anna Bazhenova (Institute of East-Central Europe, Lublin): The Revival of First World War Memories in Russia and Ukraine: A Comparative Analysis of Narratives

15.15: Coffee

15.30: Claus Bundgård Christensen (Roskilde University): National identity and memory in a border region: The Danish minority in the German Army

16.15: Discussion

December 13, SOL L201
(Helgonabacken 12, 22362 Lund)

9.15: Kristiana Kirsa (University of Latvia):
From heroization to „forgotten lunatics": different ways of remembering the First World War in Latvia

10.00: Vasilijus Safronovas (Klaipėda University):
Beyond the Grand Narrative: On the Significance of the Great War in Lithuanian Public Discourse before 1940

10.45: Coffee

11.15: Agata Domachowska (Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń):
The role of the First World War in the creation of the Montenegrin national identity

12.00: Olga Manojlović Pintar and Srdjan Milosević (Institute for the Recent History, Belgrade):
Gavrilo Princip in recent public presentations

13.00: Lunch

14:00: Discussion, publication plans

The workshop is organized by Tea Sindbæk Andersen, ToRS, University of Copenhagen and Eleonora Narvselius, University of Lund.

For further information please contact: Tea Sindbæk Andersen,