Past – present – future in contemporary Greek film

Welcome to a screening of two prize winning short films and discussion with director Sonia Liza Kentermann.

The past follows them. Her future awaits

1951: In the aftermath of the Greek Civil War, a young boy, thrust into the role of head of his family, must endure a harrowing journey with his baby sister in order to seek a better life.



She has no destination other than her past.

August. Blistering heat. Cars speed up as they pass by the solitude of small towns. A sole presence in this deserted landscape a woman who spends her time on the highway.



Sonia Liza Kentermann is a Greek – German film director and writer. She gained her MA in Directing with distinction at the LondonFilmSchool. She has also a BA in Sociology and studied at the Art’s Theatre School of Drama and StavrakosFilmSchool in Greece. Her short film NICOLETA won 15 awards and entered 41 festivals around the world.

The screening is generously funded by the Sophia Scopetéa Fund to promote the study of Modern Greek at the University of Copenhagen

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