Seminar: Readings in Ayurvedic Sanskrit – University of Copenhagen

Seminar: Readings in Ayurvedic Sanskrit

As part of the colloboration between Professor Yamashita and Associate Professor Zysk on Jajjaṭa's commentary to the seminal Ayurvedic text, the Carakasaṃhitā, the Section of Indology is happy to announce a half-day seminar on the reading of Ayurvedic Sanskrit. The seminar will also include discussions on the living tradition of Ayurvedic learning in India.

The seminar is open for anybody with an interest in Sanskrit and/or Ayurveda. Depending on attendance levels and other circumstances, participants may be encouraged to reconvene on Friday the 26th of February from 11-13 in Room 11A.1.07.

NB! Please note that on the 24th of February the seminar will change rooms from 21.1.18 to 24.0.2 at 14:00.