What is at stake in Ukraine today? – University of Copenhagen

What is at stake in Ukraine today?

An eye witness account by the well-known author Andrej Kurkov.

If you want a deep insight into the events that unfolded at the Maidan Square and the most recent update of present politics in Ukraine - now is the time to show up!

In a collaboration between Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies (ToRS), the media company Mr. East, and the NGO SILBA, we are happy to welcome Andrej Kurkov. Kurkov will tell us about his experiences and observations from the Maidan revolution, which unfolded less than 500 meters from his apartment in Kyiv.

Andrej Kurkov is a well-known author from Kyiv with his literary works presently translated into more than 35 languages. His most recent publication is the Danish translation of 'The Ukraine Dairies' - an eye witness reportage from the events on the Maidan Square.


Contact persons: Andrej Lawaetz (SILBA), tel. 42534352, Tine Roesen (ToRS), tel. 51302529.