A Question of Equivalence

Sociolinguistic and Semantic Perspectives on Swedish and Serbian Non-standard Speech

Public lecture by Dorijan Hajdu, PhD, Docent at the Faculty of Philology of the Belgrade University, Department for Scandinavian Studies.

The lecture will focus on the words and phrases containing connotative meaning and their use (with examples from Swedish and Serbian language), trying to answer the question whether idiomatic equivalence is the last stop in search of respective terms that cover the full scope of meaning, and why it’s important that all aspects (including connotative, and consequently also intended and interpreted) are indeed covered. The lecture will also aim to show the sociolinguistic factors responsible for turning a concept into standard or non-standard code (style) in everyday situations. A brief overlook of some theoretical frames will be offered and own empirical research will be presented. A discussion on whether this model can be applied to Danish language would be welcome during or after the lecture.   

Dorijan Hajdu was born in Belgrade 1980 and he has been working at the Department for Scandinavian Studies, Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade since 2006. In 2015, he was named docent. He is teaching in Swedish language, Scandinavian culture and sociolinguistics. He is also working as a translator from Swedish, English and Slovenian. He has held several lectures at Stockholm and Uppsala University. He is currently working on a book about equivalence between Swedish and Serbian non-standard speech.

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