Military, Political Investigation and the Role of Media in the Syrian Conflict

Guest lecture by Mahmoud Alken, Journalist, al-Jazeera TV

Mahmoud Alken, director of the documentary Syria,The Melody of Hope and a producer at Aljazeera Network who investigated different massacres in Syria.

His first investigative documentary, What Happened in Houla, came to the conclusion that the Syrian regime was directly responsible for the massacre. Few days after the documentary was aired, a UN final report about the massacre also came into the same conclusion.

His second documentary, Dariya, the Brotherhood of grapes and blood, documented the massacre of Dariya in Damascus suburbs. It showed how the military operations in the city, which killed around 800 people, happened directly in the site of the presidential palace, and such operations could not be done without the presidential consent.

Organized by Det Syriske Kulturinstitut i Danmark in collaboration with Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies

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