The Spectacle of an Expanded Europe

The Eurovision song contest as a scene of nation branding, cultural frictions and European unity

Photo: Albin Olsson - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0


11:00 - Welcome

11:15 - Panel: Case studies of the expanded Eurovision:

  • Balkan Ballads, Bloc Voting and Turbo-folk: How the former Yugoslav countries have influenced Eurovision musically and politically since the 1990s
    Mila Kovalj (University of Copenhagen)
  • Why is winning the Eurovision so important to Russia?
    Sophie Stausholm (University of Copenhagen)
  • 'Nurturing the nation in their bosoms? Nation branding and gender in 'We Are Slavic' (Poland 2014)'
    Anita Pluwak (University of Copenhagen)

12:45 - 13:30 - Lunch break


13:30 - Re-membering Eastern Europe. Western discourses on “Eastern Europe” in
              representations of the Eurovision Song Contest
              Lisanne Wilken (University of Aarhus)

14:30 - Coffee

15:00 - Between intersectionality and camp: strategies of (self)identification at Eurovision
              Anna Piotrowska (University of Krakow)

16:00 - Coffee

16:15 - 'The queer geopolitics of Eurovision: LGBT politics, state homophobia and
              transnational spectatorship'
              Catherine Baker (University of Hull)

17:15 - Discussion and conclusion of the seminar

For further information, please contact: Tea Sindbæk Andersen or Mila Kovalj.