The Urbanization of Responsibility – University of Copenhagen

The Urbanization of Responsibility

A public talk by Dr. Clive Barnett, Professor of Geography and Social Theory, University of Exeter

Presented by Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies and BLOXHUB.

How should we understand the proliferation of ‘metrophilia’ in the first two decades of the twenty-first century, whereby all sorts of fields of practice, policy, activism and advocacy have come to think of ‘the city’ as holding the key to addressing all sorts of challenges, from economic competitiveness and social cohesion to responsive governance and environmental sustainability? 

In this talk, Dr. Barnett will argue that appreciating the multiple roles ascribed to urban processes in generating and resolving problems requires shifting attention away from debates about what the city is to analysing what cities are presented as being able to do. 

The talk is part of the international summer school ‘New Urban Life Across the Globe: Activism and Change in a World of Cities’ at the University of Copenhagen, presented in collaboration with BLOXHUB. For information about other public talks please visit

Attendance: Free and open to all, but please sign up no later than Friday the 21st of July by sending your name(s) to