Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Annemarie Hede-Andersen Academic Officer Thesis administration, preapproval for studies abroad +4535324394 E-mail
Lise Skjøt Møller Academic Officer Student and Career counselling +4535327209 E-mail
Alex K. Tonnesen Academic Officer Secretary of the study board +4535324396 E-mail
Peter Helge Christiansen Administrative Officer Exam planner: Asian Studies, Cross-cultural Studies, Comparative Culture Studies, Minority Studies +4535324356 E-mail
Salma Asam Ghani Administrative Officer Economy employee and KU hourly wage +4535324391 E-mail
Ann Neumann Administrative Officer +4535324388 E-mail
Tippe Kirstine Vive Eisner Coordinator Coordinator of (Culture Courses) and bridge building activities with upper-secondary schools +4535335821 E-mail
Casper Skallebæk Wichmann Coordinator ThinkChina coordinator +4551302527 E-mail
Vibeke Bach Education Secretary +4535324389 E-mail
Helene Rosenstand HR Coordinator HR management (TAP & VIP), PhD-administrator. Scanpas manager. +4535324397 E-mail
Tim Møller Jørgensen Head of Administration +4524623372 E-mail
Cecilie Tang Møldrup Information Specialist Greenlandic and Arctic Studies +4540186148 E-mail
Lisa Johannsdottir Sigfredsson Office Trainee Administration   E-mail
Marianne Josefine Brabrand Receptionist Receptionist and buyer +4535324399 E-mail
Marian Bach Record Staff Administration +4551303114 E-mail
Charlott Hoffmann Jensen Senior Consultant Research support +4528604645 E-mail
Anne Korsholm Bergenholtz Special Consultant Exam coordinator and exam planning: Religious studies and Greenland and arctic studies +4535324398 E-mail
Maria Munnecke Special Consultant Quality Assurance, Curricula +4535335822 E-mail