Global Urban Studies – University of Copenhagen

Main Fields of Study

Global Urban Studies is a new MA Elective at the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen.

Drawing on the Department's broad geographical and disciplinary span, the Elective brings together cross-cultural and comparative perspectives to the study of a world of cities.

During courses, seminars and summer schools that can either be chosen as a package (30 ECTS) or as individual units, students are enabled to explore the question of how cities are shaped by people, and how people shape cities. Through immersion in classical theories, cutting edge research and innovative learning processes, the student acquires knowledge of the ways in which cities and urban spces are created, negotiated, organized, used and ascribed cultural meaning. 

On this website, you can learn more about our summer schools in 'Urban Culture in Theory and Action' and 'New Urban Life Across the Globe', as well as our courses on 'Politics and Public Space in Modern Asian Cities' and 'Global Urban Studies'.

Study Programmes

Summer Schools

The Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies is hosting two summer schools focusing on Global Urban Studies:

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Language of Instruction

All courses are taught in English.

You can find a list of current and upcoming courses taught in English in the Faculty’s course catalogue.