Korean Studies – University of Copenhagen

Main Fields of Study

Korean Studies is the study of Korean society, history, religion, culture and its languages.

Korean Studies at ToRS offers a BA in Korean Studies and also an MA in Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies with a specialization in Korean. The four-year BA Korean Studies programme consists of a first year intensive language immersion programme and introductory courses on Korean history, society and culture and critical thinking.

ToRS operates a semester system and the BA degree offers a range of courses targeted towards the needs and interests of learners and these courses include language modules, literature, pre-modern and modern history, culture and society. Students are also able to take a range of Asia-related courses offered in other departments including cross-cultural studies and East Asian history and many others. During the second and third years students have the option of taking part in exchange student programmes in a University in Seoul, studying Korean language as well as content courses.

Korean language study is integrated into the BA content courses, so students read Korean language texts about the content courses. Over the past few years, content courses have included: ‘Popular Culture in North and South Korea, Hallyu and East Asian Cultural Flows’, ‘North Korean history, society and culture’, ‘Korean Cinema: A Critical Survey’.

Study Programmes

Language of Instruction

Courses are primarily taught in Danish or English.

You can find a list of current and upcoming courses taught in English on the Faculty’s course catalogue.