Tricky data – tackling dilemmas in data communication

PhD workshop Friday 4. May 2018

Regardless of their field most researchers will at one point face ethical and/or political dilemmas which have no unproblematic or ideal solutions. Examples could be researchers working with politically sensitive subjects that complicate the search for an academic position from which to write; or research projects where the specific nature of the relationships between researcher and interlocutors complicate the writing process, for instance by introducing questions about betrayals of trust or about possible interpretations of data.

At the workshop we will discuss how to handle in practice specific communication dilemmas in ethically and academically sound ways.


10.00-10.15: Coffee and welcome.

10.15-11.00: Talk by Assistant Professor Christian Suhr, Department of Anthropology, Aarhus University. Christian Suhr did his PhD on Muslims in Denmark and their encounters with the psychiatric system. He has instructed several ethnographic films and is a leading force in the Visual Anthropology program at Aarhus University. His current project ‘Cures of the Muslim Heart’ focuses on traditional healing practices among Egyptians. The presentation will be followed by discussion.

11.15-12.00: Discussion based on Christian Suhrs presentation.

12.00-13.00: Lunch.

13.00-16.00: After lunch we will convene for a plenary session where we discuss dilemmas submitted by the attending PhD students. Each participant may submit a maximum of 5 pages describing their dilemma. The pages should be submitted no later than a week before the workshop Friday 27. April to the organizer Birgitte Stampe Holst at

Please note: Participants are expected to read 4-5 of their co-participants’ descriptions in advance of the workshop.