Writing seminar for PhD-fellows at the department

Texts from all phases of the writing process are welcome (max. 15 pages) and they could be presentations of materials, main argument, the basic research question(s), drafts of chapters, tentative outline of the thesis etc. etc.

The structure of the seminar is dependent of the number of participants: Either we keep the group together for the whole seminar or we split up in smaller groups for parts of the day. There are several options. Please send a hint asp if interested.

All participants must be prepared to give a very short oral presentation (5 minutes) and to give comments as well as receiving.

Formal deadline for signing up: Monday 25 May
and circulation of texts (only to those who participate and nothing will be up-loaded to any web sites): no later than Friday 5 April.

3 ECTS (presentation and active participation in the discussions)