Centre for the Study of Indian Science (CSIS)

The Centre for the Study of Indian Science is dedicated to deepening our understanding of Indian scientific traditions. The centre primarily focuses on historical and philological studies based on primary sources, but also engages with aspects of oral tradition and material culture.

Ṛgveda Manuscript (Zysk Collection KZ-84)

CSIS constitutes the research wing of the discipline of Indology in the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies (CCRS) at the University of Copenhagen. It works out of a dedicated room in the department which also houses a collection of approximately 3000 Indic manuscripts. The manuscripts were donated to the centre by Professor Emeritus Kenneth G. Zysk on the eve of his retirement on March 1, 2020. Today they form a key component in the research activities at the centre.

CSIS aims at maintaining an Indological presence at the University of Copenhagen and ensuring the continuation of a research tradition that reaches back almost two centuries. The centre currently employs two full-time researchers, and conducts weekly seminars attracting students and scholars from various disciplines and backgrounds. It also upholds the teaching of Sanskrit at the university, and gives guest lectures on subjects related to a wide range of topics within the discipline of Indology.





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Zysk Collection

A handlist of the approximately 3000 indic manuscripts in the Zysk Collection is currently being prepared.

Critical Pali Dictionary

A fully searchable online version of the Critical Pali Dictionary (CPD) originally prepared at the University of Copenhagen is now hosted at the University of Cologne.


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