Emotions and Public Affairs – University of Copenhagen

Emotions & Public Affairs is an interdisciplinary and cross-institutional network for scholars with a keen interest in the public role, use and perception of emotions. The focus of the network is mainly on the theoretical and methodological challenges that arise in the study of emotions beyond the individual-psychological level; for example in politics, conflict, law and reconciliation.  

The network gathers researchers from University of Copenhagen, University of Southern Denmark, RUC, University of Aarhus, DIIS and DIGNITY, and it is a forum for activities such as:

  • Sharing and discussing of work in progress
  • Discussing of particular theoretical and methodological issues pertaining to the study of emotions
  • Inviting guest scholars and arranging public lectures

The network meets on a bi-monthly basis and is financed by the Research Council for Culture and Communication.  

The network is coordinated by Birgitte Schepelern Johansen (University of Copenhagen)