Heritage and threat

a JPI/CH-Programme Project

Today’s world contains a host of phenomena and situations that constitute threats to objects, sites and practices deemed “heritage” by stakeholders. Yet there is still a dearth of systematic information about this broad palette of threats, a dearth that constitutes a gap in our general knowledge and an obstacle to the purposeful activity of governments and institutions at times of crisis evaluation and intervention or post-crisis reconciliation. The HeAT project aims to address this situation through

  • systematic analysis of threat to and through heritage in different geo-cultural locations;
  • the production of a sophisticated cross-cultural typology of threat in the form of practical manuals for use, among others, by governmental organs, global organisations, NGOs and peace-keeping forces;
  • small and thought-provoking exhibition(s) to popularise academic findings.

The project is collaborative, transnational and interdisciplinary. It brings together scholarly results and insights gained from research into four different localities and situations:

  1. the Near East between crisis and development;
  2. Poland and memory in times of change;
  3. Romania and “knowledge” registers that save/create or destroy/erase objects, sites and practices;
  4. Italy and construction that inevitably endangers traces of a past that is considered important.

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External reseachers

Researchers from UCPH

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Ingolf Thuesen Associate Professor +4535328906 E-mail

Typology of Threat

Here are the research results of the JPI/HeAT-Project regarding Threats to Heritage and how to interfer to prevent or minimize damages to heritage sites and monuments in armed conflicts will be published in Spring 2019. Below a simplified scheme and a link (image) to a pitch presentation shown at The Fair of European Innovators in Cultural Heritage...

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