MIMA: Research Network on Minority-Majority Relations – University of Copenhagen

MIMA: Research Network on Minority-Majority Relations

MIMA is an interdisciplinary network for minority-majority relations research. Bringing together more than twenty scholars from a variety of studies and disciplines represented at ToRS, MIMA aims to facilitate exchange of ideas about issues related to the study of asymmetric power relations.

MIMA works to strengthen thematic research at ToRS, thereby sustaining the cross-cultural and trans-regional dimension of the institute. Intended to provide a platform for the investigation of issues of common interest, meetings in the network focus on basic conceptual, theoretical and methodological issues.

Minority Studies, the only dedicated interdisciplinary program on minority-majority relations in Denmark, has existed as a popular elective study at the University of Copenhagen for more than twenty years, attracting both Danish and international students.

The location of Minority Studies at ToRS reflects a long-standing involvement among researchers at ToRS in scholarship on minority-majority relations and related issues. The institute hosts experts on minority research theory as well as the conditions of minorities in several world regions (including Asia, the Middle East, Greenland, and Europe). Thematically, studies of minority-majority relations at ToRS relate to issues of crime and conflict, language and ethnicity, nationalism and cosmopolitanism, memory and conflict-resolution as well as religion, art and literature. The thematic focal points reflect the involvement of ToRS in several ‘hot spots’ of the world. MIMA builds on this expertise and aims at making the coordination of given research efforts a gain to research and teaching at the institute and beyond.

MIMA gathers on a monthly basis and offers a forum for informal exploration and discussion of conceptual, theoretical, or methodological challenges confronted by its members in their research. The network has participation of most disciplines and studies represented at the institute: History and Sociology of Religion, Asian Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Minority Studies, and Comparative Culture Studies.

The network is coordinated by Associate Professor, Thomas Brudholm.