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Ulla Susanne Koch

Ulla Susanne Koch (Mag.art. 1990, Ph.D. Copenhagen 1999) has received research fellowships and post doc. scholarships from the Danish Research Council for the Humanities and the Carlsberg Foundation and was affiliated the Carsten Niebuhr Institute University of Copenhagen between 1992-2003. Her main interests are Mesopotamian science, religion and literature, particularly divination. She is currently working on a volume in the series Guides to the Mesopotamian Textual Record, on the 1. Millennium divinatory genre.
Since 2004 she has been employed at the Defence Command Denmark thus demonstrating the unceasing relevance of cuneiform studies.

Contact information

 Web address  www.ullakoch.dk
 Email  ullask@hum.ku.dk / ulla@ullakoch.dk