Rasmus Johan Aarslev

Rasmus Johan Aarslev

PhD fellow

Current Research

Ph.d. fellow in Assyriology: My project concerns socio-economic structures in relation to animal husbandry in the southern region of Mesopotamia in the 'long sixth century' (626-484 BCE). On the basis of primary sources from the administrative archive of the Eanna temple of the ancient city of Uruk, the project seeks to chart and analyse the extent of this part of the economy; in particular its structure, practice and relevance for society.

The long sixth century is one of the best-documented periods in Antiquity with more than 21,000 published primary sources. The period is characterised by population growth, technological advancements and economic growth. Animal husbandry constitutes one of the three main pillars of the Mesopotamian economy (alongside agriculture and horticulture).

The project is also part of the research project Hidden Treasures: The Cuneiform Collection of the Danish National Museeum (https://ccrs.ku.dk/research/ancientcultures/hidden-treasures/). My part consists of publishing a group of hitherto unpublished cuneiform tablets from the Antique Collection of the National Museum, which stem from Uruk and date back to the long sixth century.


Research areas

Economy of ancient Mesopotamia

Bookkeeping: bureaucratic and administrative practices

Memory traditions and their impact on historiography


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