Samanta Viziale

Samanta Viziale

External, Ph.d Student

Current research

I'm a cultural anthropologist. My current research focuses on the connection between arts and esotericism. I currently investigate the trans-culturally inspired art in the case of Theosophy; the role played by the anonymity of the artist (mediumistic production and art as a form of service); and the concept of art as device for social improvement.

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Fields of interest

  • Esotericism, spirituality
  • History of modern art
  • Visual semiotics, semiotics of culture
  • Anthropology of art, anthropology of religions
  • Connections between spirituality, visual arts and ecological thinking 




Course: Esoteric Traditions across religion, science and philosophy in European history (HRVB0103FU)

University of Copenhagen 

ID: 249935685