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Søren Thue Thuesen

Søren Thue Thuesen

Associate Professor

Current research

Early Colonial Encounters in Greenland: Investigations of processes of institutionalization within the Lutheran Mission especially practice concerning naming/baptism, marriage and funeral in 18th and 19th century Greenland.

Relations between Greenlanders and the Danish monarchy - power, ceremonies and emotions: A historical examination of Greenlanders' encounters with and perceptions of monarchy and power.

Primary fields of research

My research focuses in general on cultural and social processes in the Arctic and particularly Greenland. I have field work experiences mainly from West Greenland, where I have also worked as a museum curator.

My research is in the field between history, anthropology and cultural analysis:

  • History of colonisation and decolonisation in Greenland (history of mission, trade and education; cultural identity and ethnicity; indigenous catechists and literacy; local communities, organisations and associations; urbanisation; World War II)
  • Museology and ethnohistory (material culture; clothing and fashion; art and handicraft; representation)
  • Research history of Eskimology


  • Cultural and social analysis
  • Colonial history, colonialism and decolonisation in the Arctc
  • Cultural and social issues in the Arctic in the pre-colonial and modern period (e.g. cultural and religious encounters, processes of selfdetermination, cultural identy and ethnicity)
  • Political and social processes in Greenland
  • Theories, methods and research history of Eskimology

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