Writing-up seminar

Writing-up seminar is an opportunity to discuss work-in-progress – to receive comments on one’s own work, defend arguments and methodological choices, as well as formulate constructive criticism.

The format is simple. Pre-circulated texts will be discussed during a one-day seminar (from 10am to approximately 4pm) and open only to those who present texts themselves. All participants are required to read all the texts and will be given a special responsibility to comment on one of them. Experience tells that the process of formulating questions to your fellow seminar participants is as rewarding as receiving comments.

The texts could be drafts of analytical chapters, articles or parts of your introductions with special focus on your research questions, analytical framework or reflections over the over-all argument or choice of data. The texts should not be longer than15 pages, rather around ten in order to concentrate the discussion on matters you really want to receive comments on from your readers. The texts will be circulated a week before the seminar among those who have signed up. The received texts are of course treated in confidence and will not be spread outside the workshop. Each participant will give a very short introduction; focus will be on the written texts: outline, argument etc. The seminar will close with a discussion of general themes that have been brought up during the day.

You may very well give me a hint already now if you intend to attend. Otherwise, the important dates are:

Deadline for signing up 4 June  – raudvere@hum.ku.dk

Circulation of the texts 14 June

and, of course, the seminar itself 21 June.

Looking forward to the discussions in June,