The PhD programme at the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies

The PhD programme organizes courses and seminars that cover the broad field of regional and cross-cultural interests at the department. The link to the left presents up-coming activities that comprise historical and contemporary research as well as more theoretically oriented courses and seminars.

With some regularity will four core areas of research at the department be approached:

  • Fieldwork in the Humanities
  • Cultural heritage politics and identity formations
  • Materiality
  • World literature and the world of literature

The PhD programme also organizes writing-up seminars where drafts of thesis chapters are discussed and midway/pre-defence seminars. See courses and seminars.

As PhD candidate at the at Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies you can always contact the PhD coordinator, professor Catharina Raudvere, with suggestions on courses, seminars or guest lecturers, or get more information about our writing-up seminars.

The PhD programme

Read about the many activities at the Faculty's PhD School on the PhD School home page.

PhD fellows at ToRS

Name Title Phone E-mail
Aarslev, Rasmus Johan PhD Fellow   E-mail
Brandt, Emil Madsen PhD Fellow +4535333847 E-mail
Brødsgaard, Amanda PhD Fellow +4535327814 E-mail
Christensen, Marie Elisabeth Berg PhD Fellow +4535331073 E-mail
Clemmensen, Mikkel Bøg PhD Fellow   E-mail
Dybdal, Emilie PhD Fellow +4535335524 E-mail
Farooqi, Amos PhD Fellow +4535323595 E-mail
Flyvholm, Anne-Mai PhD Fellow +4535324722 E-mail
Humbert, Sierra Josephine Louise PhD Fellow +4535325427 E-mail
Jyderup, Jesper Lee PhD Fellow   E-mail
Jörgensen Lindahl, Anne PhD Fellow   E-mail
Leine, Marie PhD Fellow   E-mail
Miskovic, Tijana External, Ph.d Student   E-mail
Nielsen, Bjarke Stanley PhD Fellow   E-mail
Nyeng, Jesper PhD Fellow   E-mail
Stevnhøj, Katrine PhD Fellow +4528752970 E-mail
Turri, Francesca Visiting PhD Student   E-mail
Viziale, Samanta External, Ph.d Student   E-mail