Businesses and their management now have an opportunity to learn more about Chinese etiquette, Arabic negotiations, Eastern European humour, religious influences on South East Asians' working day as well as managerial differences between Europe and Latin America.

The University of Copenhagen has via the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies entered into a partnership with the Danish National Museum and the Industrialization Fund for Development Countries to develop and offer courses in internationalisation and globalisation for the business community. 

Cultural readiness to improve a stay abroad

The courses are particularly concerned with the meeting between different cultures, religions and languages and are designed to cater for businesses or organisations that are establishing themselves abroad, hiring foreign employees or are facing cultural problems in connection with enterprises in the non-Western World, e.g. Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Russia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.  

The purpose is to build a proactive cultural readiness that will limit the risk of making mistakes that may cost dearly in the long run. An important aspect of such a readiness will be to inform the participants about potential dangers of cultural conflict as well as give them the tools to identify and handle the dangers.

For more information, please go to (in Danish) or contact project co-ordinator Tippe Eisner