Funding of travels, conferences and courses for PhD fellows

You can apply for funding for expenses related to travelling, conferences and courses by the PhD School and the Department. DKK 36,000 are allotted to each PhD fellow at Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies.

All travels abroad must be bought through Carlsson Wagonlit Travel. Please note that by ordering your trip through Carlsson Wagonlit Travel you will be charged an administration fee of DKK 320, which you need to include in the travel budget in your application to the Department. Information on the travel agent Carlson Wagonlit Travel can be found in the left box 'Links & Forms'.

Please note that the application for funding must be received by the administration before the trip/course/conference takes place. Applications for funding of activities that has already taken place are usually not accepted. Please note that you cannot apply for funding of expenses below the amount of DKK 500.

It may take several weeks to process your application, but the process time has no influence on the outcome of your application.  

You can apply for funding for the following expenses:

  • The least expensive and most suitable way of transport (offer must be obtained from Carlson Wagonlit Travel)
  • Hotel for no more than 10 days
  • Per diem allowance for no more than 10 days
  • Course and conference fees

You cannot apply for funding for the following examples:

How to apply:

  1. Fill in the application (travel budget included) Follow link found in the left box 'Links & Forms'.
  2. Your supervisor must approve and sign the application. By signing, the supervisor confirms the relevance of the activity to the PhD project.
  3. The application must be forwarded by e-mail to the Department (Salma Asam Ghani
  4. The application is presented to the Head of the Department or the Department administrator. 
  5. You will receive a reply concerning the outcome of your application. Your supervisor will also be notified.
  6. With the letter of approval, you can apply for advance payment using RejsUd. Please visit for further information
  7. Upon your return, you must document the actual expenses by submitting a travel expense claim using RejsUd with the receipts as scanned documents. Receipts not in the Scandinavian Languages, English, German or French must be translated beforehand.
  8. If you have spent more money than granted, you must finance this yourself unless other arrangements have been made with the Department.