Discursive Game of (De)Sectarianization: Assad’s Acting ‘As if Not’

An online lecture by Dr Mustafa Menshawy is a postdoc at the University of Lancaster. The lecture is no. 5/9 in the fall 2021 online lecture series.

The literature on the Syrian conflict is almost preoccupied with how Syrian President Bashar al-Assad ‘sectarianized’ actions by mobilizing the support of religious minorities, discrediting protestors as religious fanatics. The paper makes the opposite claim, i.e. Assad has used de-sectarianization as a strategy to reach the same goals. Adopting frame analysis of all of Assad speeches since the eruption of the conflict, the paper shows the strategy includes an acting ‘as if not’ under which the president fully denied, downsized or falsified any alleged sectarian underpinnings of his actions or the whole post-2011 conflict.


Dr Mustafa Menshawy is a postdoc at the Sectarianism, Proxies & Desectarianisation (SEPAD) project at the University of Lancaster. He is the author of the book: Leaving the Muslim Brotherhood: Self, Society and the State, and among his many articles is Sovereignty alignment process: strategies of regime survival in Egypt, Libya and Syria, in Third World Quarterly.

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