What is the next step in your career?

How do you best prepare for that?

At this seminar, we invite ToRS PhD students and postdocs for an informative and inspirational seminar followed by lunch where we introduce early career planning within and outside the university world. We will be joined by two former PhD-student at ToRS, Valeria Guerrieri Fussinger, who will share with us her experiences of career planning that took her outside of the university world, as well as Troels Pank Arbøll, who has had two postdocs and is now an assistant professor.

You will be inspired to reflect on your career development, be guided in how you can kick off your career planning, and be introduced to tools and activities for your processes. Additionally, we will introduce and discuss the different career opportunities within the university structure and with different funding schemes.

We have invited the Career Consultant for PhDs and postdocs at UCPH, Mette Fog Skriver, and our Research Officer, Charlott Hoffmann Jensen. Together with the Deputy Head of Department | Research, Trine Brox, they will facilitate the seminar and be available for questions about early career planning in and outside academia.

Sign up before Monday 27 May by writing to Louise Engebæk Nygaard.