Perseverance and Challenge: A Two-Year Retrospective on the Russian-Ukraine War

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08:30 Registration and Welcome Coffee
09:00 Annika Hvithamar Welcome by the Head of the Department
09:05 Ehab Galal & Jon Reinhardt-Larsen Introduction to the conference
09:15 Jon Reinhardt-Larsen

Nations, Empires, States: The historical context for Russia’s war in Ukraine

09:45 Maria Mälksoo A War for Our Time: The Harsh Lessons of the Russian War on Ukraine
10;15 Göran Bolin The rise of the informational state: Managing Meaning in Ukraine
10:45 Emil Hilton Saggau Holy Ukraine – theological trajectories in the war in Ukraine
11:15 Coffee Break
11:30 Isabel Bramsen Peace Talks in Ukraine: When, Who, and How?
12:00 Vera Skvirskaja Ukrainian minorities and (post-)colonial dynamics: the case of Crimean Tatars’
12:30 Lunch
13:00 Frederik Harhoff No peace without justice: Challenges to Criminal Prosecution of War Crimes
13:30 Yuliia Kurnyshova Civilizational Security: Ukraine's and Russia's Messaging on Two Years of War
14:00 Oksana Didyk Personal brands in Ukrainian politics during wartime
14:30 Valentyna Shapovalova Deconstructing Russian militarized masculinity and mediated propaganda of the “soldier hero” in the full-scale invasion of Ukraine
15:00 Coffee Break
15:15 Can Ertuna “TikTokisation” of the War in Ukraine
15:45 Roman Kifliuk International Media Support: Experience in Combating Disinformation
16:15 Cecilie Krabbe Danish media coverage of refugees: A security issue or call for humanitarianism