Anna Kirstine Schirrer

Anna Kirstine Schirrer


Anna Kirstine Schirrer is an anthropologist and social critic working in Europe and the Anglophone Caribbean. She specializes in international affairs, histories of colonialism, climate diplomacy, reparatory justice, race and human rights. Schirrer is a postdoc in the Center for Applied Ecological Thinking at the University of Copenhagen. She earned her PhD in Anthropology from Columbia University.

Awards (selected)
An internationally recognized scholar, Schirrer’s research has won awards from the National Science Foundation and the Wenner-Gren Foundation among others. Her writing has won the Roseberry-Nash Paper Award from the Society of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology and received an honorary mention from the Association of Political and Legal Anthropology.

Teaching (selected)
Schirrer has six years’ experience co-teaching and instructing courses, seminars, and auditorium size classes including:

Ethos of Care: Reparations and Repair

Co-Taught Courses:
- Introduction to Human Rights in Theory and Practice, (Barnard College)
- Whiteness, Sentiment and the Politics of Belonging
- Interpretation of Culture
- The Ethnographic Imagination
- Introduction to Social Theory


Professional experience (selected)
During her doctoral training, Schirrer held an internship with the UN OHCHR in Geneva, Switzerland. She also served as a Digital Editorial Fellow with PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology Review, an assistant editor to Small Axe Project: A Caribbean Platform for Criticism and a Research Fellow with the editorial publisher Wiley.

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