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Anne Mette Jørgensen

Anne Mette Jørgensen


Current research

My postdoc research is about local participation in future-making processes related to extracting resources in the Arctic, and it examines interventions herein of researchers and museums. I probe how perceptions of local identities - often associated with heritagized landscapes or objects – interplay with different perspectives oriented towards the future as much as the past, and influenced by affective economies of the contemporary.

My postdoc is a part of Resource Extraction and Sustainable Arctic Communities - a Nordic Centre of Excellence (REXSAC).


Memory and visual culture

Nation, archives, memory and cultural heritage in Greenland


External examiner in anthropology at Aarhus University and University of Copenhagen.

Fields of interest

In my PhD dissertation that I defended in May 2017, I focused on the place of Greenland’s industrial past in relation to the present and the future. My project was an extended investigation into the intricate and often contested relationships between archival material, memory and museums in the context of contemporary, post-colonial practices of collection, curation and repatriation.

My overall research interests are first and foremost in the management of the past in the present in the Arctic, and secondly, in culture sensitive communication. I combine the two in anthropological and postcolonial memory studies and in an ongoing occupation with ethnographic methodologies and media as film, photography, museums and exhibitions, and the sharing of knowledge through digitization and collaboration.

My regional focus is the Arctic whereas it was previously in West African Niger and Ghana.

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