Maria Lindebæk Lyngsøe

Maria Lindebæk Lyngsøe

PhD fellow

Current research

As a part of the Rearticulating Islam project financed by VELUX FONDEN I am working with the phD project 'Muslim Women's Islamic Educational Activities'. Rearticulating Islam is led by Simon Stjernholm who is also supervising my PhD project.
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My project runs from April 2019 until May 2022.

The research project focuses on Islamic educational activities in Denmark with a special attention to Muslim women’s engagement in these. My research consists primarily of interviews with women who actively engage in such activities as teachers and/or students, and of observations of Islamic education as it unfolds in a variety of different settings ranging from big conferences, over weekly classes, to private study circles.
Importantly, the attention of the research is on individuals and groups rather than on institutions like mosques, even if many activities takes place in mosques or similar institutions. Methodologically, I have thus chosen a bottom-up approach.
Based on the interviews, observations, and logbook notes from a small group of women, I investigate the different paths the women follow in their engagement with Islamic knowledge as either teachers or students – or both.
I ask how knowledge is produced discursively and performatively in the different educational settings. Additionally, I ask how the women relate to Islamic knowledge and to the knowledge search, and what it means for their individual and collective identity formation to engage with Islamic knowledge. This also includes looking into the question of authority and possible authority positions.

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