Melissa Lynn Van Drie

Melissa Lynn Van Drie

Guest researcher, Ekstern forsker

I'm a Marie-Curie Fellow at the Arts and Cultural Studies Department at the University of Copenhagen. My current “Sounds Delicious Project” (funded by the EU, grant 753565) explores the role of sounding and hearing in everyday cooking, and what a sonic perspective reveals about the human and non-human relationships that make up food.
I hold a Master in Musicology from NYU and a PhD in Theatre Studies from the Sorbonne-Paris 3. My PhD examined the relationships between the development of early sound reproduction technologies (phonograph, telephone, microphone, théâtrophone) and the reconceptualization of fin de siècle European performance practices and sites (particularly in Paris). I've held several postdocs working on 19th century auditory apparatuses, bodily techniques, and new modes of listening (stethoscope and theatrophone), sound archives and recording practices, and materialities of sound at: the Sorbonne Paris 1/ EHESS; at the National French Library/CNRS; in STS at the University of Maastricht, in Music and HPS at the University of Cambridge.

I continue to work on sensory approaches as a means for investigating knowledge production and sharing across disciplinary boundaries of the arts and sciences. My pursuit of the audible is also driven by an interest in understanding non-visual ways of knowing and identifying traces of multisensorial experience in artistic creation and reception. I'm interested in moving into practice-based and alternative forms of research dissemination.

Select Publications:
Van Drie, Melissa. 2020.  “The Food”, In Holger Schulze (ed.) Bloomsbury Handbook of the  Anthropology of Sound. London: Bloomsbury, 129-146. Scholarly chapter in edited book. Online: with permission of Bloomsbury.
“Hearing through the Théâtrophone: Sonically Constructed Spaces and Embodied Listening in Late 19th Century French Theatre” (Sound Effects, 2015): ;
“Training the Auscultative Ear: Medical Textbooks and Teaching Tapes (1950–2010)” (The Senses and Society, 2013);
“Sharing Sound: Teaching, Learning and Researching Sonic Skills” (Sound Studies, 2016, co-authored with A. Harris).


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