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Rasmus Bech Olsen

Rasmus Bech Olsen

Part-time lecturer

Main research area

I primarily work with arabic political thought and political culture in Syria and Egypt between 12 and 1600 AD. In addition to this, I teach and conduct research in arabic language, literature and society from the Middle Ages to the present. 

In 2017 I defended my Ph.d. thesis which focused on the relationship between the civilian population of Damascus and the Mamluk Sultanate during the 14. century AD. Taking its point of departure a series of Damascene tax-protest my thesis maps out how the relationship between state and population consisted of a constant process of negotiation structured around the use of religious symbols and performative activities in urban space. 

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Research interests 

Arabic history and historiography 1200 - 2000

Islamic political thought

Politics and material culture

Urbanism in the Middle East

Arabic popular literature

Identity-shaping in modern arabic literature

Israel - Palestine

Arabic Manuscript studies


I currently teach a BA course called "Religionstekster" at The University of Copenhagen. This is a special introductury course in arabic religious texts offered to BA-students in Religion "Arabic Propaedeutics B".                                                                                                               

Previously I have taught as a guest lecturer in the BA course "Arabic Literature" and the MA course "Communicative Profeciency" at The University of Copenhagen. 


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