Trine Brox

Trine Brox

Associate Professor - Promotion Programme

Formal Education

2009  PhD, University of Copenhagen. The PhD thesis The Enchanted Gift of Democracy: Imagining and Negotiating Democracy in the Tibetan Diaspora (Brx 2008) inquires into how Tibetans living in India imagine, organise and negotiate governance that is modern and democratic, but also essentially Tibetan.

2003  MA Tibetan studies, University of Copenhagen. In my MA dissertation, Tibetansk kulturdiskurs ["Tibetan Discourse on Culture"], I analyse Tibetan-language discourses about "culture" from 1979 to 2002. I trace the range of words used for culture, the frequency and contexts of their uses, and I consider the relationship between the modulations of discourses and contemporaneous political developments. Exams on MA-level include minority studies, Tibetan society and language (classical/modern).

1998  BA Tibetan studies, University of Copenhagen (enrolled 1994). Exams include Tibetan language, history, art, society, philosophy, and one year of anthropology.

1996  Cand. Mag. social science, University of Tromsø (enrolled 1991). Exams include philosophy, sociology, social anthropology and Tibetan studies.




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