Annika Hvithamar

Annika Hvithamar

Head of Department

Fields of interest

As head of department, I am responsible for the department's overall decisions and day-to-day management of research, education and dissemination, including planning and distribution of work tasks in the management group and in general at the department. I am a member of the Faculty of Humanities' management team (FLT).

Primary fields of research

The contemporary Russian Orthodox Church, migrant Orthodox Christianity, Christian minorities, global Christianity

Current research

Religious change in post-soviet Russia, especially the societal and political role of the Orthodox Church, the relationship between majority and minority religion and the development of post-soviet religion. 

Earlier research includes orthodox iconography, historically as well as contemporary, and icons as popular religion. 

In relation to my research and teaching in history of Christianity I have worked with religious education in primary and secondary schools.

Furthermore I specialize in Christian, religious minorities, especially Jehovah's Witnesses.



I have taught history of Christianity, sociology of religion and thematic areas related to Christianity, eg. religion and media, religion and educataion and religion in Russia

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